What We Ache For

What We Ache For

(Moon Tide Press, 2010)

"How long before we miss the thunder... This question stays with you from the time you first read it in Eric Morago's new collection, What We Ache For. Prepare yourself for a trans-human experience of love and wonder, as these poems make vivid the super-heroic demands of every heart. Alternately formal or boundless, Morago uses every tool in the box to build a book that stands for a second and third reading."

— Brendan Constantine, Author of Letters to Guns

I Don't Like Straws

I Don't Like Straws (Studio CD)

(Melody Maker Productions, 2010)

1. Subatomic Kiss
2. Letters to Girls, Never Sent
3. Starstuff
4. I Don't Like Straws
5. How to Say I Love You, For the First Time
6. Things I'd Tell My 13-Year-Old Self (Had I a Time Machine)
7. Now Would be a Good Time to Kiss Me
8. This is Not a Love Poem
9. The Reverberation of Letting Go
10. Warning Label
11. Little Death
12. Circus Love
13. Nightmare
14. First Kill
15. Icarus
16. Spare Change

"Eric Morago's poetry brews the energy of performance art with the craft of mainstream poetry into a blend, which is his alone. Kick back, and let his words have their way."

— Charles Harper Webb, Author of Liver